Shubunkin, Marigold longtails 9-10cm 8 fish + 120g food *SMC/p7

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In this goldfish batch you will receive 6 fish all longtails, a mix of shubunkins, Marigolds and the odd comet.

Bred here at the hatchery we guarantee they are disease free.

Marigolds part of the comet family

Bright yellow some with touches of white or black are a stunning addition to your backyard pond. They are easy to look after and will tolerate less than perfect water conditions. However they will thrive if the water tests well, the pH is kept around 7.4-7.8 They are quick growers as are most goldfish depend on how big the body of water is they call home. These goldfish are guaranteed disease free, very lively and easy to spot in your pond. If you like a sunny yellow your going to love watching these fish in your pond. Feed the same foods as Shubunkins, comets or koi food.

Shubunkins are playful and social liking to always be in a group

They will mix with comets, marigolds and koi fish.You can be certain that the shubunkin you receive will be the exact one pictured when you place your order.The fish may be viewed from any angle thanks to the photographs.The ideal pH range is between 7.2 and 7.8.We feed insects, daphina, living plants, pellets and, of course, algae in the ponds. 

If you have koi fish in the pond the comets can be fed the same food add fish food to the order.   For more information on live fish shipping click here