Water testing kits australia


The best water test kits check your water parameters, so your fish stay healthy. How you test your aquarium water or pond water is the same. You can buy either water test strips or water testing kits. 

Water testing in fresh water is easy, the kits include everything you need and only take minutes for the result. In each kit you get a vial for your aquarium or pond water, the solution to test your water and a freshwater test chart to compare the results.

Read the Blog,all about water testing in your fresh water pond or aquarium, it called All about the water! What to test & understanding Why. Easy to follow this has easy to follow information on each different water parameter why you test it and how to use the results.

Each individual test kit comes with a hundred tests per individual kit, included in all kits is a freshwater test chart so you can compare your results, a vial for your water and the testing solution. It takes minutes for the result. Whether your fish are in a farm pond, large pond, small pond or aquarium you need to test the water parameters to keep your fish healthy.

You should keep you test kits out of the sun and high temperatures, in a cupboard is best, and replace in the 2nd year. 

 Water test strips are another quick water to test your water parameters, these show 6 results on the strip, we find the ones we sell most accurate.

We also sell the complete water testing kit for your koi pond or goldfish aquarium. In this kit you have everything you need to perform all the water quality tests, with all the necessary water testing equipment and solutions. The large test kit is a very economical way to buy your test kits with each one costing less than $10 each and a handy case to store the test and kept everything together for easy use.