Mixed Shubunkins 11-13cm x 4 fish + 120g food *MS13/p2

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 Bursts of colour Shubunkins Each batch consists of 4 fish measuring approximately 11-13cm + 120g fish food

Bred at the hatchery we guarantee they are disease free.

The shubunkins is a type of single-tailed, long-bodied goldfish that originated in China. There are two different types of shubunkins. One has a long tail fin, with broad tail fin lobes that are rounded on the end. The other one looks more like a common goldfish, with a shorter tail fin. We breed them for their coloring, our shubunkins feature red, black, sky blue, white and many hues in between.

Shubunkins are incredibly resilient fish that can withstand scorching summers and harsh winters. They have the potential to reach a size of 30-40cm, depending on the size of your pond.

They do well in an aquarium when they are small, but once they reach around 20cms, they truly appreciate having plenty of space to swim and play. Our shubunkins are joyfully gliding in ponds throughout the year! shubunkins are very versatile when it comes to water quality, as long as it remains consistent. The recommended pH range is 7.2 to 7.8. We feed a wide range of foods, from processed pellets to live plant and of course any  algae that gets a Chance to grow. 

 If you have koi fish in the pond the comets can be fed the same food add fish food to the order.    For more information on live fish shipping click here