Baby Koi fish 6-9cm x 10 koi + 120g koi food *B9/blkp2

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All live fish ship mondays, with a live arrival guarantee

Baby koi for sale 6-8cm x 11 koi fish + 120g fish food. The photo is an example of the fish in the batch.

Every year, we breed a diverse array of koi. Once they reach a length of 6 cm, small batch koi fish can be purchased. Usually spawned in November of the preceding year, these fish are a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and varieties. Unless otherwise specified, every batch comes in a variety of colors and types when you place your order. 

We are pleased to offer you koi fish that are in good health. All of the fish you buy have been raised in the hatchery and have never been shipped. All fish are prepared for shipment before they go online. In 2015, we moved the Windsor fish hatchery to a more rural area. The insurance premiums are too high to allow the public access to the farm. We are unable to provide a pickup service due to a lack of resources. The fish will be delivered to your home or place of business via courier. 
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   If you want to know how to properly acclimatize your new fish, read the blog.  If you're looking for high-quality food for your koi, we have it here.  before your fish arrive match your pH to ours 7.8  Read the blog do i need to quarantine my new fish get the answers