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Windsor fish hatchery was setup for retail as a aquarium and water garden center in Sydney from 1984 to 2016, for customers to visit. 32 years on, we have moved to the central coast, same owners online only now. We are in a rural setting now and are not setup for customers on the farm, we are still building and there are too many hazards.

You Cannot visit the hatchery to view the fish or Pickup

In the interest of full disclusure we video all the fish we sell and take photos of the exact fish you will receive.We are unique in that we offer both photos and videos of our fish for sale. When you order you receive the exact fish in the photo.In the case of assorted batches the photo is an example of the fish in the batch.

As the leading supplier of koi and goldfish in Sydney we offer some unique breeds of fish that are unavailable from other breeders. We feel that our prices are extremely competitive and certainly comparable with other breeders. We specialize in offering Butterfly koi and high grade unique fancy goldfish for sale.

WE SHIP DRY GOODS AND LIVE FISH EVERY MONDAY except in the case of public Holidays, dry goods are shipped following day, live fish are shipped following week

We ship all of our fish orders through couriers. Our rates are determined on the types of items that you order, their weight and destination,prices are quoted at checkout before you pay. We ship live fish once a week on Mondays to arrive later in the same week.

We understand the need for fish, to be transported in humane conditions so we will never compromise the health of the fish. We are proud of our reputation as a leading supplier of koi and goldfish and will always do all we can to maintain our high standards and level of service.

In addition to Fresh made weekly bulk Australian koi and goldfish foods, we also offer hikari fish food online. Hikari fish food is the food we feed our koi. We advise all clients to order in advance of their stocks running too low.

We use all the pond cleaning products we sell. Which are made here in Australia, for the Australian climate. So you can be assured they work and are non toxic to fish and plants when used following the directions

If you would like more information you can email us on info@windsorfishhatchery.com.au or contact us via our website.

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