Bright Yellow Marigolds 10-13cm x 5 fish + 120g food *BY13/p4

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Marigold  Standard Tails 5 fish + 120g fish food Measuring approximately 11-13cm .

 In a hurry to get rid of algae? This crew is going to finish the work. 

Because of their vivid yellow colouring, these fish will stand out in your pond. Comets are bred annually. Marigold fish are hardy and sociable, and they reach a good size quickly when kept in a pond. 

Our fish live in outdoor ponds year-round. Marigolds are adaptable and may thrive in a variety of water environments. A pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 is considered optimum.

Our fish have a varied diet that includes processed pellets, fresh greens, and even algae. If you currently have koi in the pond, you can feed them the same food.

If you have koi fish in the pond the comets can be fed the same food add fish food to the order

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