Year Round Koi & Goldfish food 10kilos Med pellet 5-5.5mm

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 Friend Koi & Goldfish floating pellet Medium 5-5.5mm 10kgs

Great for the fish & the water that's why we use it!!!

 Hikari Friend is an economical daily diet which provides an uniquely balanced nutrient source. Through extensive research and technological advances in the development of usable proteins, Hikari have developed this porous floating pellet that provides your koi with all the basic nutritional components they require.

Made in Japan.

  Provides a well balanced nutritional package providing basic nutrition.

      Offers consumers value for their money,& provides adequate nutrition to keep your koi healthy.

  • High in stabilised vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease.

  •  will not cloud your koi pond water when used as directed.

  • Floating foods allow you to net off any extra not eaten in 3mins keeping the pond water cleaner

  • Windsor fish hatchery feeds this food to all our koi & goldfish

  • Crude Protein 28%, Crude fat 3%, Crude Fibre 4%, moisture 10%, Ash 8%.