5mm Pellet floating Koi & Goldfish Pellets FREE shipping

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You may be confident that your koi fish are thriving if you've been feeding them this freshly produced Australian fish food on a regular basis. Freshness guaranteed in sealed 1-kilo bags.

Feed your koi in the same location every time. They'll get used to eating from your hand if you do this. You can keep an eye on your fish's health by bringing them to the surface and feeding them a floating fish food pellet. As a result, you'll know if any of them are missing, which will alert you to the presence of hungry birds.

Wheatgerm, available in 1, 3, and 5 kg quantities, is an excellent staple meal for fish throughout the colder months.

Keep your pond water clear, so you can see your fish during the busy spring/summer months with our water cleaners