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Koi fish batches

Koi fish batches are a random group of koi that are about the same size and are sold for a lower price because they are random. You can't pick the fish or the colors. There are pictures of the batch that show the different colors and types that are in it. Title tells you the range of sizes of the koi, how many are in each batch, and how much each batch costs.

Koi fish groups

Koi fish groups are a great way to buy koi cheaper ! They come in groups of koi, either the same type or a mix of different types. We guaranteed, the koi in the photos are the exact ones you receive when you order, not just a random selection.  So, there's only one group of these koi. The description of the product includes the size range and types, along with the price per group. Buying multiple koi fish is always a great way to buy cheap koi and get exactly what you want to see in your pond.

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