What to expect when ordering from Windsor Fish Hatchery ! Easy to Follow.

What to expect when ordering from Windsor Fish Hatchery ! Easy to Follow.

You have seen some live fish you would like for your pond or aquarium on our online shop, but you have never ordered fish online before. What should you know. 

First off when you order koi or goldfish from Windsor fish hatchery you can feel secure in knowing we have been around under the same management since 1984. We were couriering fish around Australia long before the internet shop had evolved.

We have always used hospital grade oxygen, insulted boxes and thick custom made plastic bags.

When you order online you will first receive an email thanking you for the order, next email will be processing order for shipping and the next shipped on the Monday after the order. We only ship live fish and goods on Mondays so no fish end up in the courier depo's or vans over the weekend.

If the details on the order are incorrect, your order may be put on hold or you will be contacted via text, call or email. Fill out all your details correctly and fully. Remember unit numbers, gate codes. correct mobile numbers, any mistakes will delay the order reaching you.

We dont ship live fish or goods to P.O Boxes, so please use your home or business address. Or call us to make arrangements for delivery. 

We dont courier fish to W.A, NT and some very remote area's in Australia. You will get a message when you go to checkout if your area is one that needs custom shipping if this is the case.

If the email on the order is wrong you wont get any notifications from Windsor fish hatchery or the couriers. We will contact you if there are errors in the order details, but it may delay the order leaving the farm.

Other reasons for delays maybe the order came in after 5pm on the Saturday prior to the following Monday. We need time to process the order at least a day, so we cant send the day after an order. Your address details are wrong and we cant process the order to send. The email and phone number are wrong we cant contact you. 

The fish will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. No fish arrive the same day unless we have arranged with you to deliver by Windsor fish hatchery same day service. We deliver when the fish are very large or multiple boxes of fish are being shipped. 

We dont ship live fish on weeks with a public holiday in them, there are too many delays.

Live fish are shipped on the Monday after the order, cut off for the shipping on Monday is Saturday prior by 5pm.

The next date for shipping is located at the top left hand corner of the koi fish for sale page and the goldfish for sale page in bold red and black.

Simply choose the fish you like, put them in the cart add koi & goldfish food & any other dry goods you need such as a pond block or algae killer and checkout. Before you pay you will get a shipping quote, this money is paid to the courier company to deliver the fish to your home or business. Some farms and homes that are located in a rural location will need to pickup from there local town.

We guarantee the fish will arrive alive and healthy. Once the fish arrive its best to follow our procedure for acclimatizing fish to your water in the pond or aquarium. Read the blog introducing new koi or goldfish to your pond

Expect the fish to be a dull representation of the colours as they have been in a box for up to 72hrs. Give them time to adjust, all fish are different same travel better than others. They will colour back up over the next weeks in your pond or aquarium. 

Only small quanties of food are packed with fish, under 500grams. All other food and dry goods goes separately in a satchel or box via Aramex couriers

Add salt to your pond to replace any body slime your fish may have lost due to stress. 1 kilo per 2000 litres of pond water. Rock salt from the supermarket or pool salt as long as there is nothing added to the salt.

individual Fish for Sale 

Individual fish for sale koi or goldfish are the exact fish in the photos that you will receive when you order. There will be multiple photos of the same fish showing you different views and a video. When the fish is the exact fish in the photos of course there is only one of that exact fish you cant order any more than one.

In the title of the fish product is the type of fish, size, sex for most fancy goldfish and our code to find the fish. 

Batch Fish 

In the case batch fish, the photo is an example of the type of fish you can expect in the batch, you will find batch fish titles also have the number of fish you will receive in the batch. We dont supply batches of the same colour. If for example we have a batch of blue fish asagi and shusui you will be aware that the fish are all blue with different patterns as it will be in the title. If the photos shows different colours then you will receive different colours.

Requests for custom orders

Requests need to be in writing you can use our contact page or directly with an email to info@windsorfishhatchery.com.au if you are after something that you cant see on the website or a larger number of koi or goldfish not on the website in the first instance you should write down what you are after, including your name, full address so we can check shipping is available for your area and what it is you after sizes and numbers. As much information as you like include your contact phone number, regretably custom orders will take longer and have to be fitted in to an already packed jobs list so you will need to be patient.

Due to the costs of insurances you cannot visit the farm.

Sorry but we dont have the staff to be able to offer a pickup service.

We wrote this blog as many people dont understand the couriering of live fish understandably and often have questions about it.