Recognizing the potential of your koi

Recognizing the potential of your koi

koi fish cost & koi for sale 


When a customer rings wanting to know a koi price we direct them to the website to look at our listed koi for sale, with the price, size, photos and video's, done by Windsor fish hatchery most photos are the exact fish you would receive when you order, only batches are a photo example of the fish in the batch. 

New koi fish are listed on the website weekly, to be shipped from the farm every Monday to arrive later in that same week with a live arrival guarantee. All koi are bred here at the koi farm.

So what should you look for when you buy koi fish.

Choose what appeals to you in either colour, length, pattern etc, but if you intend to breed to show then there are some attributes that you would favor. 

For instance we have koi online to suit all tastes, there is potential for showing in some and others are for the hobbyist who would like a pond full of colourful, healthy koi fish for their enjoyment.

koi fish cost is a reflection of the potential in the koi, when pricing we also take size into consideration, that's not to say a small koi that has a lot of potential wont be a lot more expensive than a large koi with very little potential for a show koi.

From the shape we think this koi is a female, her head size and shape tells us she has potential to be very big, she is under 2 years old and is 37cms.

This is an example of how you might expect the koi to change over a four year period