Aquarium Care & Maintenance Holiday Tips. Feeding while your away. Read On.

Aquarium Care & Maintenance Holiday Tips. Feeding while your away. Read On.

Just a short break, 2 nights,Dont feed, even young fish will be ok, but maybe you just cant stand the thought of them going without. 

 Get a neighbor, family member or friend to look after the fish & tank while you are away.

 Put the food that you want them to feed in a very small zip lock bag with instructions DO not feed any extra please. feed less than normal and only every other day while your away or even just once a week.

 Dont feed the fish extra food before you go, this doesn't help the fish and pollutes the tank water, and you are not going to be there to do water changes.

Use live plant bunches to feed your fish. Put them in new, unused containers with pea gravel.Firmly held down with gravel so they dont float. Plants that goldfish like are Barcopa, Vallisneria, Water Sprite, Java moss, Wisteria, Parrots Feather. Turtle Grass. One bunch would feed a few goldfish for a week. Dont fill the tank with plants or you may find the plants block up the filter. 

Algae, grow you own, you would need to start a few weeks before you go, put a rock in a bucket or container in the sun with aquarium water after you siphon the bottom of your tank. The excess nutrients in the water combined with the sun and warmth will grow algae on your rock. Smooth large lucky stones are great for this. Once you have a healthy grow of algae covering your rock, put it in the tank while your away to feed your goldfish.

Dont add a holiday food block in your aquarium to feed your goldfish while you're gone; these blocks are made for small tropical fish and require strong water current and proper filtration in order to disintegrate. Adding a feeder block to your tank might be disastrous even if you have sufficient circulation and the appropriate fish. Fish won't eat it, and it's bad for the water.

Chemicals should not be added to the aquarium any sooner than two weeks before you leave. Don't combine the use of many chemicals; instead, give each one its own dose at least a week apart. And only dose if you really need to. Chemicals take oxygen out of the water.

 Maintenance before you go

 2 weeks before you go check all your fish take a good look into your tank 

                         * check for any parasites on the fish such as white lifted dots (ick) (dont mistake breeding spots for ick these appear on the front fins and side of the head they are not ick, and dont need any treatment. They mean your fish is in prime condition for breeding.

                         * Treatment: Turn your heater up 2 degrees this will normally kill the parasite.

                         * Have a good look at the fins and scales for fungi, mold, fin rot

                         * Treatment: Add rock salt from your kitchen 1/2 cup to every 50ltrs

* Do a water change the week before you leave. 

*Make sure your tank is full to cover any evaporation while you are away.

* Rinse out  the aquarium filter media, and replace the filter wool, don't rinse or touch the noodles,bio balls. you dont want to wipe out the good bacteria in the aquarium.

*Put your aquarium lights on timers 5-6 hours of light a day

* Check all equipment you may have on your tank such as pumps, filter, lights, electric feeder, heater, power cords, Air pump etc.

1 week before you go check all the parameters, and treat water as needed. I would do it again the day before you go, as long as they are within reason i wouldn't treat anything. If your not sure how to treat any issues read our blog How to test freshwater quality!What to test & understanding why. 

 Leave your mobile number somewhere handy in case of emergencies

Now go and have a well deserved break

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