No matter where you live in Australia if you have bought koi or goldfish online, or any pond fish for sale to go in your pond, you should use this time to prepare your pond for when the warm weather returns. Pick a dry day its time to do some general pond maintenance. 

      2. Is your temperature in the pond below 10 Celsius? stop feeding protein feed only food with added  wheatgerm or pure wheatgerm sticks. Its easy for the fish to digest in cold water. Buy goldfish food online and koi food for the winter season. 

      3. the last leaves will have fallen by now, so clean out the bottom of the pond, with a long handle net or if you have a pond vacuum use that and do a water change at the same time.

      4. Don't clean the filter at this time, unless its blocked, leave that till spring.

      5. Check you pH, you want 7.4 to 7.8 for koi or goldfish. Add bicarb of soda (from the supermarket) 25 grams per 1000 ltrs, you pH will fluctuate between day and night. Going lower at night which means there is less oxygen available to the fish, so make 7.4 the lowest pH acceptable. Test every 24hrs at the same time till you have reached the desired range

      6. treat algae or murky water with algae killer or clear water have some on hand so early spring and the first signs of pea soup (green) water you can treat the pond. Water Cleaners, if you have a rock area thats difficult to clean use the rock and water fall cleaner we use, you'll find it in our water cleaners.

      7. Salt the water, pool salt or rock salt. 1kg for every 2000ltrs of water in the pond. Just tip in undiluted where the filter water returns to the pond, the current will disperse the salt around the pond over time.This naturally builds body slime on fish to combat any stress and keeps parasites out.

      8. Cut off surface growth of any plants left in the pond, winter is their dormant stage they will come back in Spring. you can now re pot any plants that have outgrown the pots and divide any that haven't been done for 3 yrs. 

                                              Don't re pot in spring. Don't fertilize now, wait for spring.

     9.  Top up evaporated water and remember to use water neutralizer to take out the chlorine and heavy metals in tap water.

    10. Remove all debris from you pond, such as fallen tree branches etc. Clean your Pump and the head of the water fountain.

A Garden pond adds so much to your enjoyment of your backyard, 

 IT is truly ALL ABOUT THE WATER, if that's right then the fish will thrive and breed, and you can enjoy your pond with healthy fish for years to come!!!

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