feed the koi fish floating pellet 10mm in sizes

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It's time to feed the fish!

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If this is a staple in your koi fish's diet, you can relax knowing that they are healthy.

This size pellet is for fish 25cm and larger, its a very economical way to feed koi fish. The pellet goes soft in the water for any smaller fish

 Feeding fish no more than they can finish in five minutes is recommended. If you feed your koi a floating fish food pellet once a day, you can train them to eat out of your hand in about six weeks. Taking care of a koi or goldfish provides the fulfilling experience of nurturing a living being. If you feed your koi a floating food, it will bring them to the surface of the pond, where both you and they can see each other. This will help you earn their trust and examine your koi for any issues.

Wheatgerm is available in 1, 3, and 5 pound increments and makes a great wintertime staple food for fish.