Water Conditioner 1000 ml , dont kill your fish with chlorine

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Dont kill your fish with chlorine! 

HELP!!! i left my hose in the pond overnight.

Siphon or pump out 20% of the pond water from the bottom and fill with fresh as filling add water ager to treat the whole pond takes chlorine out in seconds. This may save some of the smaller fish.

Add a tap timer to your hose, will save your koi & goldfish in the future or tie a piece of string around your finger so you remember you have the hose in the pond. 

This product will make tap water safe for fish and other aquatic animals and plants.

How to treat tap water for fish

Add 5ml per 60ltrs of water.

Add When

 * Ponds are first Filled

 * Pond water is changed

 * Pond is topped up

 * Wont harm plants or any aquatic life

How long does it take tap water to be safe for fish? A couple of minutes. Pump will move dechlorinater around pond.