Showa 29cm 16 months old *Owa29/p13

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    Mesmerizing Koi fish

    Many people who are interested in keeping fish in their backyards opt to build a pond. Even if you start off with a modest water garden, the fish will quickly take center stage. Among pond fish, koi are the most desirable. learning about the captivating charm of koi fish. You won't be disappointed with a showa koi, one of the most popular varieties of koi, as with all koi they develop over years, this koi fish is under 2yrs old and is coming along nicely. Colour is starting to deepen, as this koi fish grows bigger and develops further we expect more white will appear to complete the pattern. You can still expect alot of change to this koi over the next 3 years.   To learn more about shipping live fish, visit this page. If you want to know how to properly acclimatize your new fish, read the blog.  If you're looking for high-quality food for your koi, we have it here.  before your fish arrive match your pH to ours 7.8     Read the blog do i need to quarantine my new fish get the answers