Australian Koi & Goldfish Food

 Australian Made food Floating Koi & Goldfish Pellet 

 Made fresh weekly and packed in 1kg sealed bags

 Koi & Goldfish in ponds need artificial food to ensure that the fish are well fed and healthy.

  Koi & Goldfish are omnivorous feeders,meaning that they require a diet which contains both plant and animal matter, our food contains all of the nutrients your fish will require to thrive.

 sold in 1kg, 3kgs, 5kgs, buy bulk and save

 Pellet sizes 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm sold in individual sizes or feed the whole pond with mixed sizes.

 Koi & Goldfish feeding guide                                    

 1mm for fish 3-8cm

 3mm for fish 9-15cm 

 5mm for fish 16-20cm 

 8mm for fish 24-25cm

 10mm for fish 26cm to very large

   Flake is best for fry & very small fish







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