4Block Pack One 200g Pond block treats 1000ltrs Free Shipping

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Australia Made Treatment for ponds. 4 blocks treats 1000 litres for 1 year 

Reduces sludge, clears cloudy water. Rapid growth of benerfical bacteria. Clears green water. 

 Submerge the necessary quanity of blocks in your pond in a low to medium water flow area. Avoid places with a lot of water or air current, like waterfalls or filter outlets.

 In the case of sludge place the block in it underwater. Depending on the water temperature, the time it takes for the block to be colonized with helpful microorganisms varies. It could take several weeks.

 Great water quality and crystal clear water are the results of the block's digestion of organic waste, harmful ammonia, and unwanted nutrients.

Not harmful to fish, plants or any aquatic life

In cold water the blocks take longer to cultivate helpful bacteria. it is crucial to replenish beneficial bacteria during winter in order to maintain water quality and fish populations. 

12 months continual use is recommended.