2 x Pack One 1.2kg Pond Block Treats 5,000ltrs Free shipping

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One block treats  5,000 litres for 3 months for a balanced ecosystem and happy fish. 2 blocks treat 10,000ltrs or 5000ltrs for 6 months. FREE SHIPPING

Australia Made, all-natural biological treatment for ponds with fish & plants

  Boost Beneficial Bacteria, Clear Cloudy Water, Get rid of Green Water & Ammonia:

Do a water change first of around 20% if you want to speed up the process.

Submerge the necessary quantity of blocks in your pond in a low to medium water flow area. Not in a high flow area such as waterfall, filter outlet etc

The amount of time it takes for the block to colonize with beneficial microbes is dependent on the water temperature. It could take several weeks.

The block's consumption of organic waste, toxic ammonia, and undesirable nutrients leads to excellent water quality & sparkling clear water. 

 A water temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and a pH of at least 7.0 are ideal for the block

It can take more time for blocks to grow beneficial microorganisms in cooler water. replacing beneficial bacteria in winter is important for the fish and water quality. 

Put the block into the sludge under water. Once placed in water, do not handle the product again. 

Continual use of blocks for 12 months is recommended. 

How they work

 The block is made of a porous mineral substrate with surrounding zeolite particles. Enzymes produced by colonies of beneficial bacteria in the environment break down organic waste, ammonia, and undesirable nutrients, which lead to hazy water and algae and a reduction in oxygen levels—essential for aquatic life in a healthy ecosystem.

In addition to removing excess nutrients that promote algae growth from your pond water, these blocks serve as a pH buffer.