Water Testing Kits for Ammonia in ponds & aquariums

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Test your water after adding any medication, when its new, adding fish, losing fish.

What to test, & understanding why "Easy to Follow" Read the blog

Your fish live in water, make sure their environment supports life and health. Its all about the water!

We have tested the liquid test against our water meter and find them to be very accurate. 

Store your water test kit at room temperature away from light.

 Ammonia Test NH4/NH3 fresh water testing kit to monitor the levels of ammonia and ammonium in your aquarium or pond to prevent fish deaths


How to test fresh water for ammonia


Its very easy to do, there is a hundred tests per individual kit, included in all kits is a freshwater test chart so you can compare your results, a vial for your water and 3 testing solutions.


Ammonia is extremely toxic to fish and can quickly kill them. The reading after testing should be 0 ppm, in new setups that is not normally the case, once the tank has cycled ammonia will be broken down quickly by your beneficial bacteria. Test regularly in new setups when you add fish.

To treat do water changes, the higher the ammonia the larger the water change to 50% of the water. Dont touch the filter in the first 6 weeks on a new setup, This is where you beneficial bacteria will grow. When you do clean the filter only clean sponges not the bio balls, dont use tap water use some of the water in the pond or aquarium.