Red Comets & Plain White Comets 11-15cm x 5 fish + 120g food *red15/pb6

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 Pond fish for sale red comets & White comets all long-tails

 Our hatchery is known for producing healthy fish. The parents measure between 30 and 35 cms in size. Comets are a resilient and amiable fish. They thrive in an aquarium when they are small, but once they grow to around 20cms, they really enjoy having ample space to swim and play. Our comets are happily swimming in ponds all year long! Comets are quite adaptable when it comes to water quality, with consistency being the key requirement. An ideal pH range is between 7.2 and 7.8. I offer a variety of foods including processed pellets and live plant and algae options.

If you have koi fish in the pond the comets can be fed the same food add fish food to the order

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