pH liquid Water Testing kits for ponds & aquariums

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If you test for nothing else, testing your pH is essential in keeping your koi & goldfish alive

What to test, & understanding why "Easy to Follow" Read the blog

Your fish live in water, make sure their environment supports life and healthIts all about the water!

We have tested the liquid test against our water meter and find them to be very accurate.the water testing kit includes test liquid dropper bottle, Measurement vial, Color Chart, directions for use.

Store your water quality testing kit at room temperature away from light.

 Fish Water pH: If you have ordered our goldfish or koi check the pH to match ours so your fish thrive and dont suffer stress due to acid pH.

Our koi are kept at 7.5 to 7.8 , Our goldfish are kept at 7.8 to 8

Harmful pH Levels The pH of your water has an impact on several aspects of water quality & water chemistry. If your pH drops below 6.0, the nitrification bacteria that keep your ammonia and nitrites (toxic to fish) at zero ppm, will begin to die off. Tank or fish pond water with a low pH is highly acidic and will burn a fish's skin. Young fish are more sensitive to higher acidic water than adult fish. Fish water that has a pH of 5 is too acidic and will kill off fish eggs, they will not hatch.

Changing pH Levels 

 Use this pH water test kit to test. If your fish tank water pH levels are too low, the water is too acidic. To raise the pH level up to 7 you can add limestone or crushed coral to the water or bicarb of soda, aerate the tank water with an air pump to eliminate excess carbon dioxide that has formed in the low pH water,.