Medium Batch 18-23cm x 5 koi + 120g food koi5/p18

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White, Light blue, White, White with blue markings, blue with some red markings,blue, Red , each batch is 5 koi + 120g of food

These koi fish are highly visible in your backyard pond. By the end of the summer, they will have grown even bigger. Originating from the asagi many of these koi display shades of blue, red, or black beneath their skin, while a few boast a pristine white hue. Depending on your pond size they have the potential to grow into large koi fish.

To learn more about shipping live fish, visit this page. If you want to know how to properly acclimatize your new fish, read the blog.  If you're looking for high-quality food for your koi, we have it here.  before your fish arrive match your pH to ours 7.8     Read the blog do i need to quarantine my new fish get the answers