Lionhead Goldfish

Lion head - the puffy “mane” is what gave them their name!

 The wen is their most prominent feature. While the Oranda sports “wennage” mostly on the top of the head, the Lion head's wen covers the whole head – cheeks, gill plates and crown.

 This variety of fish is similar to the Ranchu Goldfish. However, the Lion head's back has no to very little curved shape. 

  The lionhead goldfish is a form of a fancy goldfish which is bred in China and developed to resemble the mythical Chinese lion-dog.

Lion head goldfish are absolutely irresistible with chubby cheeks and wiggly bodies - who wouldn't want to own one?


 The Lionchu or lionhead-ranchu is a fancy goldfish that has resulted from crossbreeding lion heads and ranchus. ( Ranchu with a lionhead)

  The twin-tails and broad body make this breed a unique goldfish to add to your aquarium or pond.


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