Fish Pond Scoop Net 30 x 22cm x 1 meter long

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Koi & Goldfish net is a polypropylene mono filament style net and is less likely to injure any jumpy fish as it is softer than the knotted or grid nets

Scoop nets keep even the largest fish contained within the net.

At some point you are going to need to handle your fish, this net is great for very small fish and can be used once the fish is much bigger as well.

The net is only to catch the fish Whilst still in the water, Guide the fish over to the edge of the pond in the net, then still in water transfer the fish into a thick large bag with a small amount of pond water to move the fish. 

Dont lift a large fish out with the net its not use to gravity, its gills will be flattened and jostled about, and the fins will potentially bend the wrong way or catch on the net and get damaged. 

Move fish over 25cm with the "wet bag method" this  keeps them in some water all the time and they do not flop around like they would in a net.

Useful as a pond leaf net to scoop up decaying leaves and debris in your pond.

Dont damage fish using the wrong net