Butterfly Batch 9-12cm x 5 koi + 120g food *BB/p3 On Special

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All Butterfly Batch Matsuba, Ogon, Yamatoniski , Blue, Goshiki, bekko , Asagi 9-12cm x 5 koi fish

A nice mix of very young butterfly koi. All mixes will be koi different types of koi fish to see grow in your pond. The photos are an example of the fish in the batch. You cant choose the fish in the batch, we choose for you. Less handling of the fish means less work for us so we sell them alot cheaper.

  To learn more about shipping live fish, visit this page. If you want to know how to properly acclimatize your new fish, read the blog.  If you're looking for high-quality food for your koi, we have it here.  before your fish arrive match your pH to ours 7.8     Read the blog do i need to quarantine my new fish get the answers