Bulk Goldfish flakes 1kg fresh made weekly

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Australian Made, Fresh Weekly 

Flakes arrive in 500grams sealed bags for freshness

How Many flakes to feed a Goldfish

Regardless of how many times you are feeding in a day, feed only what you fish will eat in 1-2 minutes. A small pinch at a time. Any extra left should be scooped off with a small net.

How Often to Feed Goldfish Flakes

Captive fish are entirely dependent on you for their food, so It should be offered regularly. They are a small animal with a very small digestive track, so 4 small meals a day is better than one. The younger the goldfish the more often you should offer them food .

Our goldfish flake contains, Protein min 32%, fat min 8% , Fibre max 8%, Moisture max 6%