All Long-tail Marigolds 12-15cm x 3 fish + 120g food *LT15/p1

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All Long-tail Marigolds Bright Yellow x 3 fish + 120g fish food per batch.

 Need your algae problem fixed quickly? These guys will get the job done. They wont fix green water you need algae killer

 Their brilliant yellow coloration makes these individuals easy to see in your pond. Once a year, we breed comets. In terms of size, they achieve at maturity the parents are 30-35 cm. Some adolescent marigolds also have black colouring against the bright yellow, this will disappear when they are adults.

 Hardy and friendly, marigold fish mature rapidly in a pond setting.

 We keep all of our marigolds in ponds outdoors all year. Although marigolds can tolerate a wide range of water conditions, consistency is key. An ideal pH range is between 7.2 and 7.8.

 We feed a variety of foods, including processed pellets, live plants, and algae, are fed to my pets. You can feed them the same food as the koi if you already have some in the pond.

If you have koi fish in the pond the comets can be fed the same food add fish food to the order

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